Author: Swati Aggarwal


PAINTING Painting is a form of creative expression. It is among the most popular forms of visual art. It literally means applying color on a surface be it paint, pigment or color of any kind. It is a very vast term covering a huge range of mediums and techniques. Painting is one of the oldest forms of art.The earliest forms of painting are the cave paintings dated to some 40,000 years ago.Painting requires a good understanding of colors, color combinations, color schemes. This can be acquired through regular practice. Without the effective use of colors, we cannot produce a...

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Mainly 2 categories of pastels are commonly used – oil pastels and chalk pastels. OIL PASTELS– These are the most well known among the pastels. Remember using them in your art classes in school? Did you like using them? For me, it has always been a love-hate relationship. As a kid I loved them and used them extensively in my artworks but as I grew up and discovered other mediums such as watercolors I lost interest in oil pastels. Until recently, I never really gave any serious thought to this medium. But some time back I developed a renewed...

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Acrylic Painting – Technique for beginners

In today’s post, beginners can learn about the materials required and steps for acrylic painting. As an example we will paint a picture of a pear. You may want understand the acrylic painting medium detailed in my previous post, before picking up the brush. Quick Guide to Materials Required To paint your masterpiece, you will need following material: 1. Pencil and eraser 2. Paints The artist quality acrylic paints are preferable over student acrylic paints, the reason being that the latter tend to grain on paper and do not produce very good results. You can buy an acrylic paint...

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Acrylic Painting – Understanding the medium

Introduction The acrylic medium is another absolutely lovely painting medium, paintings done in this medium look beautiful and vibrant. They look very bright and vivid. These are opaque in comparison to the watercolor which are transparent in nature. These look like both the oil and watercolor. Painting with acrylic colors is quite different than painting with water colors. These colors are water based, like watercolor, but become water resistant after drying. So you cannot lift the color off the paper like you can while working with watercolors. These paints unlike oil and watercolor dry very fast. This is both...

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Gouache Painting – An Introduction

Gouache medium has been in use for a long time but these days it has become very popular among artists. It was used more for realistic paintings in the past but these days it is also used for other sorts of artworks as well because it is such a versatile medium. Introduction to Gouache Gouache is opaque in nature. Gouache looks like both the acrylic and watercolor. Gouache colors are water based. However, the colors do not become water resistant after drying like acrylic paints. We can re-wet the paint by adding water. You can apply lighter colors over...

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