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Writing as a hobby

Types of writing entry Subtopics Title Description Journal writing Journal entry Journal writing is often mistaken for a diary entry but is entirely different. One can make a journal for various aspects of an art journal, a travel journal, or a cooking journal. Diary writing Diary entry Diary entry gives you your personal space. In a diary entry, one writes about his daily events, or about his thoughts and feelings. This writing gives a human touch, as in having someone to confide in. Blog writing Blogging Blogging is a broad concept. If you want your business to proliferate, blogging...

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10 Important blog writing tips

If writing is not your forte, then writing blog posts and other marketing articles would be a difficult job for you. Everyone knows that great convincing articles are very influential and if you have the right words to do it with, the world will have all its hands down for you. Well all bloggers, let it be for business or personal blog, face this problem sooner or later. But having these 10 important blog tips at the tip of your tongue, you are all ready to get started with writing your blog posts. An engaging introduction You need to...

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How to write descriptively

Do you notice one common style of writing in all the fictional books that you read? The description. It’s beautiful how the writers can describe one particular place, thing or a person in so many ways. Writing descriptively invites more readers and keeps them intrigued by your work. It lets the reader know the thing, person or place in detail and makes the reader feel homely or close to the subject as if the story in the book is alive. Here are some tips to write descriptively– Choose a topic Now, you can’t directly jump into writing novels or stories...

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How to write a creative poetry?

Writing a poem is about observing the people around you, your surroundings, the world, and inhaling the whole of the cosmos in your way. It is about your perception and how different things, symbolize for you. For you, flowers can signify happiness, and a mixture of white, black, red and blue colored lines can stand for chaos. Sunshine can show, to hope and unknown places can show how lost you feel. It’s about how you present your emotions and thoughts by using different figures of speech to give your poems a creative tone. So, how to write a creative...

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Tips to write a great screenplay?

Script writing is the ultimate platform for writing screenplays. One writes scripts for dramas, plays, videos, movies, serials, and video games. Even YouTubers write scripts for their YouTube videos. The film industry is a very competitive stage, and it needs an exceptional script for screenplays to stand out from the crowd. So what makes your script an exceptional one? Here are some tips to enhance your script writing- 1.Give a smooth outline to your script When writing a story for screenplay the most important thing to keep in mind is to keep the length of the story in mind....

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