Author: Mayank Kamal

Light Painting Photography

You might have come across some photos with light trails like of a highway with long light trails along the highway or a person drawing some shape with an led bulb. The light painting also called long exposure photography looks beautiful and can be very creative. It is only possible at night time or very dark places. There are some camera settings required to take such photos and rest is up to your creativity and thinking.   Increase the shutter speed (e.g. 5″ will make the shutter stay open till 5 seconds and light will be received till 5...

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Take Better Jumping Photos

Jumping in the air photos are very popular and has been a huge trend with people jumping at their wedding, parties, beaches, etc. Literally, everyone wants to have this kind of photos. But why the fun should stop if you don’t know how to photograph people in mid-air. A perfect jumping photo can be taken by following some simple steps: The most important thing while taking a jumping photo is to get low. The more low you get, the more subject looks higher above the ground. Get close to the subject as it amplifies the same effect that the...

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Video Making – Filming the Action : Master Scene and Triple-Take Technique

Of course, we can’t wait for the action to begin but filming that action in a way that it appeals the audience is very important. Here we are going to learn about the type of actions and techniques to capture them. TYPES OF ACTION : Controlled Action – Any action or event that cameraman can direct or control is known as controlled action. A sequence is a typical example of controlled action as they are planned and then rehearsed for the camera. Here the picture is shot with different angles for getting a perfect shot as everything is under...

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Video Making – Camera angles

Having learned about pre-production I think you would have planned about the shots, their sequence, and filming location. Yeah! Now comes the part where we actually start production. The camera angle is basically positioning of the camera for a shot. Each shot requires a camera to be placed in the best position so the audience can see all the players, feel the setting and understand the action. The most basic questions for deciding a camera angle are- What is the best viewpoint for this shot? How much area is to be covered in the shot? If a camera angle...

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Video Making Introduction – The basics of a camera

How is an image created? George Eastman once said, “Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography.” What is Exposure? Exposure is the total amount of light allowed to fall on the image sensor. A picture can be over-exposed, under-exposed and accurate exposure. Over-exposed- Too much light creates an over a bright image. Under-exposed- Too less light creates an under-bright image. Accurately exposed- The sufficient amount of light creates a perfectly exposed image.     Exposure is controlled...

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