Author: Arpit Rastogi

The science and art behind swing bowling – Part II

In Cricket fast bowling, the ability to swing the ball makes a bowler lethal. In my last post, I talked about forces that cause the cricket ball to swing in either direction and the factors that help in achieving the swing. In this post, I will tell you about the types of swing bowling and how to bowl each type. Conventionally, there are two types of swing deliveries; in swing and out swing. In the case of a right-handed batsman, an in-swinger is the one that moves into the batsman and the out-swinger is the one that moves away...

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The science and art behind swing bowling – Part I

The ball changes its direction during flight in Swing Bowling. This trajectory changing delivery is a beautiful sight. In this part, we uncover the forces causing the ball to move in a curved path. Man has always been fascinated by things that are unconventional and out of the ordinary. Even a simple phenomenon common in nature but unknown to man becomes a mystery and amazes him. When it comes to a sport like cricket, one of the most watchable things is to see the cricket ball swing and fox the batsman. The change in trajectory of the ball makes lives...

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