• Good diet – certain human foods are harmful to dogs. Be careful while serving and avoid food which includes onion, garlic, alcohol, nuts, raisins, chocolates. Plenty of fresh water is a must. Give them low-calorie food like carrots and beans. Maintain dog’s weight at a healthy level. Dogs are overweight because they don’t get enough exercise and eat too much food so watch out.

  • Proper grooming – brushing the coat of dogs regularly which enhance blood circulation a brushing is also helpful to check skin conditions like ticks and mites. Brush your dog’s teeth every day to remove bacteria and plaque. Only use dental toothpaste made for dogs.Cleaning dog’s ear regularly is needed o check if the blood is appearing on the cotton balls then dogs need to be taken to the vet.

  • Exercise – playing around and everyday walk for at least 15 minutes is needed to keep the dog’s weight down and body healthy. It can also cut own bad habit like inappropriate chewing and tear things up.

  • Regular checkups- regular checkups can prevent treatable diseases. Vaccination should be given around 12 weeks against lymph disease.

  • Dog shelter- never chain your dog as it can cause neck injuries. Provide them with a shelter. Don’t keep your dog outside without proper shelter.

Treat dog as a friend


  • Regular grooming – brushing or combing the coat will remove dead hair that will prevent from cat ingesting it and it also indicates any changes in the body like lumps or bumps and after noticing it the cat can be taken to the vet.
    Enough litter boxes – since cats excrete a lot, so there should be enough litter boxes and be keeping it clean can indicate a change in stool or urine which can indicate a health issue.

  • Proper training – regular scratching on an appropriate surface can remove old and dead layers from cat’s claws and make it strong and healthy.

  • Brushing the teeth – bacteria collected on cat’s teeth can enter the blood and can cause severe diseases. Cats can develop tartar on their teeth which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Brushing of teeth should be done twice a year by a vet.

  • Veterinary visits – it can help to catch any potential diseases at an early stage. The vet can also check whether it is at a healthy weight and can also clean the teeth.

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  • Daily access to unfiltered sunlight – it is a must to synthesize vitamin D for bone health. Window glass blocks necessary UV rays and fresh air. Birds need exposure to UVA & UVB rays from direct sunlight to prevent any bone diseases.

  • Feeding – bird food rich in calcium is needed for birds especially if the bird is female for the purpose laying eggs. Birds need the grit to chew their food after they swallow it. Insect plates or bread crumbs, pieces of fresh fruits and vegetables are given to them as healthy snacks to avoid boredom.

  • Grooming – regular bath with lukewarm water will promote feather and skin condition. Cleaning cage will remove ammonia which is secreted through birds waste and is harmful to their health. Cleaning water dishes will allow fresh water and a healthy bird.

  • Parasite control – Birds can be affected by both internal parasites such as intestinal worms and external parasites such as lice and mites.

)A parrot in cage


  • Change water regularly – this will keep the aquarium clean and nitrate concentration under control. Fishes keep swimming and excreting waste which is toxins so regular filtration is required.

  • Feeding schedule – always remember to not overfeed the fish as it can lead to unhealthy weight gain which will make them excrete more and make the aquarium dirty and unhygienic. Once in a day fish should be fed.

  • Keep the aquarium in shade – too much light and a high temperature of the aquarium can cause stress in fishes and can also promote the growth of algae which can further dirty the tank.

  • Condition the water – water to fish is like air to humans.

  • Large tank for many multiple fishes – don’t add too many fishes in a small tank. It will cause overcrowding of fishes which lead to fighting between them and degrading of water quality

A fish in tank