Audi claims that new R8 has shed more than 45kgs to become the closest thing to a racing car.

Exterior and styling:

R8’s design is so laudable that it sweeps people off their feet. Despite, some think that it looks almost identical to its predecessor.
The large grille reminiscent of the TT, sharper cuts all around, more carbon fiber bits and a chunky rear spoiler give it the personality of a genuine supercar. The LED headlights sync well with the edgy front grille, the coupe roofline gives it an extremely smooth silhouette and then the low stance further adds to the aerodynamic appeal.


Though car’s facade is astounding the interior is a fiasco, not meeting up to supermarket status. Since all the interior, including the dashboard, steering wheel, seats, and door panels are all washed in black, it lacks spirit, despite having carbon fiber and brushed aluminum bits. Surprisingly, seats are comfortable and well bolstered.

Like the Ferraris and the Lamborghinis, the R8 gives the supercar’s ambiance since it has a few buttons on the steering wheel, including the start/stop button, controls for the drive select system and a sports exhaust button. Behind the wheel, it gets Audi’s so-called ‘Virtual Cockpit.’The 12.3-inch TFT display doubles up as a central MMI monitor while performing the functions of a conventional instrumentation.

Engine and performance:
An evolved 5.2-litre V10 motor produces 540bhp. R8 is highly responsive to inputs from the right foot.

Audi claims that 0-100kmph is attained in 3.5sec; motors can propel the car to 323 kmph, much like a beaver. New aluminum chassis with carbon fiber-reinforced plastics, reduce its weight by 15 percent and increase its rigidity by 40 percent, sharing the credit.  It sits on razor-thin rubber, making it comfortable, along with good ground clearance.The Audi Quattro system ensures that the car is glued to the ground and takes a smooth line in and out of a corner.


Audi is liable to introduce this bewildering car in the Indian market, competing with the BMW it and the Porsche 911 Turbo S, price ranging between Rs 1.80 crore-Rs 2.40 crore (ex-showroom Delhi).