Moral values are important because they go on for a lifetime and helps in taking life’s important decisions an handling critical situations. Moral values make a person good human being. Parents play an important role in helping their children develop a good sense of right from wrong and good from bad. The morals your children learn in their early ages affect how they see the world and behave as adults. Good moral values have a great effect on others and influence on ourselves. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to teach your child good moral values in their preteenage because those values shape their personality as adults.

Instilling honesty in preteens


Moral values are not inculcated in children overnight. Exercising moral values is a lifelong project such values are learned effectively through example. Teaching values from early days can help to deeply embed such values in the memory. Be a role model and let your children be influenced by you because action speaks louder than words.

Some moral values you teach your preteens :

  • Honesty – people often lie for personal gains. As a parent. To teach them honesty you need to make your home’s environment such that your children don’t see you being dishonest and start getting influenced.

Eg: if your child is always lying about where he is going out and not informing you then you need to spend quality time with them so that they can be comfortable enough to tell you the truth. Don’t be too strict with them that they start hiding things from you and start being dishonest to you.

  • Respect – to teach respect, you need to respect them regardless of the age. Respect is only earned when it’s also given back.

Eg: if your child s demanding something, respect their choice and then take action. If your child is not respecting their teachers, talking back and abusing, the possibilities are they have learned it from home. Bring a change in you and then see the change in them.

  • Hard work – teaching your child that successes don’t come overnight can be really fruitful in their coming age. Children often want the result but want to avoid the hardship. Tell them consequences of short-term success.

Eg: if your child I just reading main points to pass in exams, tell how important is to study the chapter in depth to get good marks and it will help in life also.

  • Forgiveness – one can move on life if he or she doesn’t learn to forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of strong. Teach your child to not hold any grudges, it’s okay to make mistakes, forgive yourself and take another chance.

Eg: if your child gets into a fight at school. After the fight is resolved to make them sorry to each other. It will make them feel better. Teach them to say sorry. This will help to eradicate negative feelings for anyone.