Teenage years can be a constant battle because it is the most difficult, sensitive and life-changing phase of a person. Teenage girls encounter a lot of “firsts” in this phase. There are a lot of problems faced by teenage girls of which parents are unaware. But as a parent, you need to help your girl to cope, up with these problems.


Teenage girls look up to celebrities and models and try to copy them, from their hairstyle to clothes and from their shoes to makeup look. They just want to look beautiful like the ones they look up to and want to stand out. They keep comparing themselves to other girls and they often face inferiority complex. Trying too hard to get a compliment from her social circle or getting any negative comment can ruin her day.They are very conscious about their looks, figure, and hair. They’ll starve just to be skinny like the models they follow on Instagram. This often leads to unhappiness, stress, and anxiety. This is an age when the girl’s body is changing and they start noticing differences on their face like the appearance of pimples, blackheads which makes them lose their self-confidence they constantly try harmful products to remove and often end up getting bad results.

As a parent you should always make your daughter realize that outer beauty is not everything, rather it’s important to be beautiful from inside. As a mother you must compliment her and tell everyone is different and beautiful in her own way. This common saying must be well fitted in your daughter’s mind that “never try to copy the girl in the magazine, the girl in the magazine doesn’t even look like the girl in the magazine”. and always be yourself.

complexity of a teenage girl


Falling for a guy who brings the flower and says sweet things to her is very common at this age. Watching romantic movies and developing a concept of love shown in movies happens at this age. They face a lot of relationship problems like falling for the wrong guy, sneaking from a house and getting themselves trapped. Fights, breakups and the relationship dramas leave your teenage daughter emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted. This can also lead to depression. The cycle of dating, breakup and again dating his friend to make her ex-jealous keeps going on which brings a lot of complexity in the life.

As a parent you should always be involved in your daughter’s life should always meet her guy friend and see whether he’s a good guy or not. Guide her and tell her how to not trust anyone blindly.

Relationship problem of a teenage girl


Teenager’s  try too hard to fit in and also they are constantly trying too hard to be good enough for the people to accept her. In this process, she is doing things she doesn’t want to but doing anyway because of her peers. This leads to low self-esteem, losing one’s identity and losing track.

As parents, you should always guide her to be herself and don’t get pressurized by anyone. Keep doing your things and you will attract the like ones. Her opinions, thoughts, fashion sense make her the way she is and she doesn’t need to change that because of peers.

peer pressure in a teenage girl


Those two-three days of menstruation cycle is very hard for girls. They go through a lot of mood swings which make them do all the stupid things which they later on regret. On these days they aren’t able to function properly and face major cramps and pain. In this teenage phase, a lot of hormonal changes takes place which makes their body develop and they are often conscious about how they look. These hormonal changes affect them emotionally and physically.As parents, you should make her understand that it is completely normal and cope with her mood swings. As a mother, you should take care of her health and hygiene during that time. You should give her diet rich in hemoglobin so that her body doesn’t have the shortage of blood. If she is facing a lot of complexity during her periods consult a gynecologist for a proper solution.

hormonal changes in a teenage girl