Parenting is not an easy task and no parent is perfect because they are also human beings. It is everyone’s  duty to take care of their parents; as they have done the same for you. Taking care of elderly parents take time, dedication and effort.

Care for old age parent

If you have the privilege of living with your old aged parents consider the following things :

It’s understood that you are very busy with your job and children and you don’t have time for yourself are you are under work pressure all the time but you have to make your old parents feel welcome in your house. Your behavior should be such that they don’t feel neglected and left aside. They need the same care they gave you when you were younger. As a child they tolerated all your tantrums and crying cribbing, now they expect the same from you. Make them feel like it’s their house.

behavior for old age parent

No matter how busy you are you need to take some spare time out for them. Have family dinner together to have a good bond. Give them time spend the weekends together and go out cause even they get bored of living in the place. It’s the last phase of life, spend as much time as you can with them or you will regret later when they are gone. Take them out to movies and treat them well cause your parents did the same when you needed them. Your mom didn’t do the job just because you’re raising could be perfect, now when they need your time don’t back out.

They are not physically strong and are not very active so inspect the home safety first. Install night lights in their room or out their bedroom so that they can go out of their room to the bathroom or anywhere without difficulty. Install fire alarms in the case of emergency. You are in office until evening so give them the cell phone with all the emergency no. for their safety and security.

Old aged parents suffer from a lot of complexities and have a lot of health issues so it’s your duty to look after their health properly. They are just like a child who needs extra care. Make sure they are taking all the medicines on time and seeing the doctor on a regular basis and taking the diet that doctor has prescribed them. Hire a caretaker if you be out for longer hours to take care of them and ensure their health.

Medication for old age parent

If for some reason you are not living with your old aged parents then consider the following things :

  • Be in regular contact cause communication is important in every relationship.
  • Don’t make them feel that they aren’t your priority anymore.
  • Keep sending flowers mentioning “I miss you” and sweet gifts to make them feel special.
  • Support them financially and emotionally and keep visiting them on regular basis.
  • Make sure they are living comfortably in their place and getting all the necessities.